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The school cafeteria bustled with the noise from all the high school students' chattering and chairs being dragged across the floor. Cuz honestly, I've never once seen any of them taking orders from anyone else.

His name is Derick.

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And even if you did start fighting, you'd kick ass! Shikamaru Nara has brown hair put into a ponytail that looked like it was shaped into a pineapple, and brown eyes. Being a girl in a world of gangs meant mostly for boys makes her highly-respected, not to mention feared.

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He always wants to fight. No one would ever expect it to be a girl.

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Sakura is definitely going to kill her,' thought JayJay with a smirk on his face. Latha hates Raghava's family members, whereas Kanyakumari loves Rajaram and his family members.

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They all smirked again. Too bad that Shikamaru pulled her back.


He has raven hair that is spiked up, almost in the shape of a chicken's ass, but it still makes him look hot. He never turns down a fight and he never misses a chance to give someone a good beating.

He was the closest one to the gang leader out of everyone in the gang and was very protective of her. We can get someone and tell them to ask The Emerald Slayers or something," insisted Kiba.

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He is actually really close to the gang leader too. She was his number one fan girl. Venkatesh talks with pimps and prostitutes, as well as those who sold food or offered child care in their apartments, styled hair, prepared taxes, offered psychic fortune telling, performed carpentry, fixed cars, collected scrap metal, as well as a host of other off-the-books businesses.

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He was really curious about all of this. Although he was getting known because of the many fights he got into and because of his temper.

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Everyone fears every gang in this stupid school. He doesn't care much for anyone, he strives to be a leader one day. He couldn't even do anything to push her off because he doesn't hit girls.

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They heard the cafeteria suddenly quiet down and they turned their heads to see what was going on. Although secretly, he was quite interested himself. I hope you liked the chapter, please review. We'll find out on Monday," said Naruto.

Being a girl doesn't mean anything, it's not fair if we can't see any action! After all, he was the one who started this conversation. Raghava becomes an IAS officer and marries Latha Sumalathawhich was a scheme planned by Ekambaram and Kanakambaram so they can escape criminal cases with his support.

Gang Leader

He too, seemed to be thinking about The Emerald Slayers. His smirk immediately disappeared when The Sand Killers came up to them. Gallery The Gang Leader painting graffiti on a Subway sign.

His name is Darien.

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His name is Jesse. The Gang Leader patrolling the subway. Kankuro has purple paint all over his face, put in some strange pattern.

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He was the smartest one out of the six guys. Actually, everyone in this lame school fears all of the gangs here," said Ino, getting a bit mad that they thought that there was actually a gang out there that was tougher than them. We can't lie by calling her a he though.

Our leader will start coming to this school next week.