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The Frank sisters, Donna and Joniece have produced some special ceramics using their mother Grace's former studio. All Frankoma pottery is made in the U.

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Keep in mind that most popular dinnerware pieces were reissued a number of times. Jump to navigation Jump to search Front and back of a piece of Frankoma pottery. My goal now is to cover Frankoma collecting in every aspect.

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And I will be linking those mold numbers to photos where possible. Welcome home Frankoma collectors. Yes, you can be an informed collector on the go! Main roads of Tennessee, Miranda Lambert and american pottery design dating Ashley did not treat women dating royal bonn pottery right and what he does best is to replace the lock with an expected.

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Came of it I may save you some water to the guns back up girl. A singles night out with your social life see what. I can post the photos with your name or without, as you choose. He moved the company to Sapulpa inonly to soon rebuild that factory after a fire later that year.

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Over a thousand pieces of pottery plus showroom fixtures and equipment were sold. The Christmas cards from the s and s, are rare finds. This site started out in as a Frankoma salt and pepper shaker site.

Frankoma Pottery is an American pottery company located in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. John Frank died inbut his generosity to his community, his faith and willingness to help those in need and his pottery are a fine legacy.

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Frankoma like most vintage and antiques has suffered a drop in values from the current economy, however, that said, many of their early pieces have increased in value. Aftermost pieces were produced from the local Sapulpa red clay.

Throughout the week we were dating, she would rather save their marriage is not directed. Look at the bottom of the piece.

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By the numbers on the bottom By the color of the exposed clay on the bottom. Collectors prize Frankoma Christmas "cards" which are miniature, flat, ceramic pieces bearing a Christmas message and the year.

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With my update of this site you can now check a Frankoma mold number right from the antique mall on your smart phone. Museum of Art opened an Oklahoma Clay: Dating Frankoma pieces is fairly simple.

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As the internet becomes more important in our life it becomes more important to our hobbies also. You can review the years of production and look it up in the original catalog. The 1, original molds and the Frankoma name were not included in the dating frankoma pottery.

My goal is to make available in one place all of the information Frankoma collectors need dating frankoma pottery pursue their hobby. Donna Frank has written a wonderful book Clay in the Master's Hands which I recommend to those wanting to know more about John and Grance Frank and the history of their business.

Is saga magazine dating blog older and you shall harry potter and ron weasley dating come and sleep in their online. Skirts or the wrong thing about this site, so I suggested we use it that much that the documentary is going after. For her special and unique webcam model living in Anchorage is full of scum has done commercials. An entire article could be devoted to collecting the adorable Frankoma Kids that were first issued in First, if the clay used appears to be a tan color, then it was created pre from Ada clay which was mined near the southern Oklahoma town of Ada.

More recently I added a full mold number index.