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And yes she does indeed, lightly dabble with the ladies from time to time.

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I was born and raised in Connecticut and I know a wonder brat when I see one. I miss being close to you. However, our darling Sophia Burset is not one-night stand material, honey. You know who you are. Her only red flag is this: She can always expertly read my mind.

Big Boo is my favorite kind of lesbian: And nothing damages a dyke heart like being left for a boy gag.

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One being the best, 10 being the worst. You knew the both of you were not looking for a relationship but were simply more than friends and less than lovers.


But poor little Tiffany is vulnerable right now, ladies. She whipped a mont-blanc pen out of her large, quilted designer purse and grabbed a napkin off the bar. Until we end up in federal prison. Narcissism is no fun for anyone except the for the narcissist, darling. You merely stopped initiating contact, and he never bothered trying to reach out to you.

Some of the top rated comedies on television today are indeed trying to make healthy monogamy look cool, among them "Modern Family" and " How I Met Your Mother. Here is why she rates 4: He is as alive as ever, but he is just not in your life.

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But I have learned that everything can be said in silence. On a champagne-soaked bar napkin, kittens.

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Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination and BAM. Except for a certain vampire romance that opened last weekend there is a serious dearth of happy, healthy, monogamous couples who love one another on the big and small screens.

Friends with benefits and no strings pepper romantic comedies in the movie theaters. I miss teasing you, I miss you teasing me, I miss how you smell, your hugs, your smile, and our kisses. All over the walls of this stupid bar.

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Treat it like a crystal champagne glass. It hurts a lot more than an actual heartbreak. It feels as though he has fallen off the face of the Earth, but you know that is not true no matter how much you wished it.