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Online dating blow off. The Blow Off: the online dating rant: a male perspective

So often, women assume it's something we have done wrong. The male version of this is Mr.

Either you're a sleaze who hopes the whole girlfriend think won't phase us or, you're in a relationship but don't see the harm in casually hanging out with a single, interested woman. We split the bill and he offered to walk me home.

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Which, based on your profile is probably a pretty good gauge of how I would feel about you if I met you in real life. At the top of a list of reasons why people blow dates off, is a simple lack of interest, physical or otherwise. It needs to be short but witty and show that I read your profile….

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I prefaced the evening letting him know I had to work the next day and couldn't make it a late night. And if you disagree with anything I've said, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

People can look really good in one photo and horrible in the next. I talked to a female friend about this and asked her how she would tell a guy she's not interested. You paid money to be here, so why not try and take advantage of it. Why would I send a naked picture of myself to a complete stranger?

Work No, been there and done that.

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Give us a date, a time and a place. But if you're verging on 40 and still live like a frat boy in college, we're not going to take you seriously.

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That is funny- How about this one: Being Inappropriately Intimate -- If I haven't even kissed you yet, I don't want your hand on my leg, my ass, my arm, my hair or my face. Because dating is a two way street, and you need to have some of my requirements too.

So, I sit staring at my screen struggling to glean some sort of insight on you as a person from your photos, but all I can see are your boobs….

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A text here and there is nice. Either way, you look like a dick. It shows interest and that you're dependable.

Dating Blow Off. Blow-Off or Truth? Free Dating, Singles and Personals

By this we mean, your apartment is a mess, you live with your parents, you have three or more roommates, or you don't even have a steady place to sleep. Don't call me your girlfriend. But what about those dates where it seems like everything is perfectly aligned for another date and you never hear from them again?

Eating, cleaning, running errands, walking the dog, secretly watching Private Practice so no one else knows… What am I left with?

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I don't care how big you think it is or how much you're convinced I want to see it. We haven't met yet and you're already being lazy? We met at a whiskey bar in my neighborhood where we shared a couple of rounds of drinks. Well, for those men out there who are curious about instances when the cards turn and we're the ones not returning calls or texts, here's a little cheat sheet explaining why you may not hear from us again.

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The point is we live in the age of camera phones and Facebook. At least it shows you put a second's worth of thought into getting together.


If you're involved, don't take us out to drinks and then casually drop that you're seeing someone and that you live together! In spite of my ambivalence towards him, our interaction made me online dating blow off what had happened between his initial seemingly abundant interest, and his subsequent decision to change his mind and blow me off.

I need to have the following. Asking For Naked Pics -- See above. Maybe we had a really nice time together.

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Are you sending said document to 5 million people? On top of being noncommittal to a place, it's also not cool when a guy keeps plans intentionally vague as in "let's get together this weekend" Saturday or Sunday? That was three weeks ago. I haven't heard from him and I don't expect to.